Read: NHSmail SMS & Fax service announcement.

1. Please Choose Crosby Fax Product

With equipment in every major BT trunk exchange in the UK and over 3,500 lines at our disposal, you can be confident in our network's ability to deliver a service you can rely on. (Read more about the Telecoms Cloud network.)

Fax to Email

Fax to Email

Keep your existing fax number or choose from thousands of brand new fax numbers with instant online setup. Receive faxes via email in either PDF or TIFF format, with all faxes sent to up to 50 email addresses of your choice and stored online.

Send faxes via email or online from just 20p+VAT per page!



A secure, Encrypted Fax service allowing you to receive highly confidential information via our 256-bit encrypted secure website, in full compliance with PCI DSS and the Data Protection Act. Ideal for NHS, healthcare and legal applications, faxes are securely stored for up to 35 years in full HIPAA compliance.



The Telecoms Cloud API gives you powerful, resilient and scalable telecoms functionality within your website, mobile app or internet-connected device.

With no hardware required, easily build your own complete and fully-featured fax server in the cloud, for secure and high-volume transactions.

£5 FREE credit on signup; allowing a free, no-obligation trial of the API.